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Mattress story

The history of the mattress is as long as the history of man; its technological evolution passes through various phases.
The mattress in the Neolithic
In the Neolithic era there was still no real mattress, we slept on beds of straw and leaves covered with animal skins, over time, these techniques were perfected by the Egyptians and Romans who began to use the fabric stuffed with hay , wool or feathers of birds, for a more comfortable rest.
With the advent of cotton in our continent, the anatomical characteristics of the mattress and its coverings were further perfected, making them suitable for the natural curves of the body and spine, as well as increasing breathability and freshness.
The spring mattress
Subsequently, the famous spring mattress was invented, which thanks to its orthopedic capabilities, was the most widespread and appreciated.
The pocket spring mattress
The spring technique was perfected by passing from a uniform springing to the pocket spring mattress, capable of increasing the comfort of rest and relaxation.
The pocket springs acquired a greater ability to adhere to the shape of the body with a consequent improvement in posture.
Today, this type of mattress can be customized and optimized, thanks to new materials such as latex and the famous memory foam, capable of giving unsurpassed comfort, suitable for any body and sleeping position, thanks to the mechanical and dynamic characteristics of latex. and memory foam.
These two materials can also be used individually; thanks to the new cutting technologies and internal processing with differentiated zones, a greater ability to adapt to any body and position is obtained.
Sleeping-International provides its customers with all these models, helping them to make the right choice based on their physicality and sleeping habits, and to obtain the ideal mattress for a healthy rest.
Choosing a mattress among our many models may seem difficult, but in reality, knowing the particularities of each person, we are able to satisfy all our customers.
The key features for choosing the right mattress are:

  •     weight;
  •     the age;
  •     the prevailing sleeping position.

With this information we are able to create the right customized product, suitable for each person.

Contact us without obligation to find the ideal mattress for you.

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